Copper8 is a consultancy with a passion for sustainability, that initiates and facilitates the connection between different disciplines, allowing sustainable innovations to develop. They aim to help organisations build necessary organisational structures and partnerships, and secure the resulting collaborative thought in business models and contracts. This includes supporting the public sector in sustainable and innovation procurement.

Electronics watch is an independent monitoring organisation that assists public sector buyers to meet their responsibility to protect the labour rights of workers in their global electronics supply chains more effectively and less expensively than any single public sector buyer could accomplish on its own.

Ecoinstitut Barcelona SCCL is a not-for-profit work cooperative founded in 1999, which works for the incorporation of sustainability in all sectors of society through the implementation of strategies and projects with a positive social, economic and environmental impact. Ecoinstitut is a leading organisation in the field of sustainable procurement, being strategic partner of the Procura+ Network since its creation, member of the SPP-Next experts group and partner of the 10YFP SPP Programme.

The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC) is an international organisation with a mission to assist in addressing environmental issues. The REC fulfils this mission by promoting cooperation among governments, non-governmental organisations, businesses and other environmental stakeholders, and by supporting the free exchange of information and public participation in environmental decision making.

CLES is the UK’s leading, independent think and do tank realising progressive economics for people and place. They aim to achieve social justice, good local economies and effective public services for everyone, everywhere.

PlanMiljø was established by CEO Bjørn Bauer in 1990 as an environmental consultancy.  PlanMiljø has been involved in several partnerships on SCP with governments; both in terms of development of guidelines; and tools for businesses; as well as the strengthening of green procurement in public authorities. PlanMiljø is one of the most experienced players in the field of Green Public Procurement (GPP) in Denmark, and they have supported many public authorities both on a national, Nordic and international level.

The Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement is a group of 14 cities committed to drive a transition to sustainable consumption and production by implementing sustainable and innovation procurement. All participating cities are acting as ambassadors of sustainable procurement to lead to a resource efficient, low carbon and socially responsible city.

The Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) is a non-profit association of leading ecolabelling organisations worldwide. GEN was founded in 1994 to help protect the environment by improving, promoting, and developing the ecolabelling of green products and sustainable services. The labels awarded by the GEN members represent the strongest and most credible environmental certifications available. They are awarded by an impartial third party to products and services that have been independently determined to meet transparent environmental leadership criteria, based on life-cycle considerations. GEN invites everyone to celebrate the first annual World Ecolabel Day on 25 October 2018. Visit worldecolabelday.com for details.

Circular Public Procurement is a three-year project supported by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme which aims to develop a framework for circular procurement, by building capacity among relevant stakeholders in the supply chain and delivering pilot circular public procurement purchases.

The European NGO Network on Green Public Procurement was established in 2016 with the support of the European Commission, with the objective of increasing the uptake of GPP through the EU by building NGO capacity to support public authorities.

The Procura+ Network is a network of European public authorities that connect, exchange and act on sustainable and innovation procurement.Its combined experience allows it to provide advice, support and publicity to any public authority that wants to implement sustainable and innovation procurement, and together the Network joins forces to champion sustainable and innovation procurement at the European level.